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  • Grey Sands Romanesque 2015 bottle
    A blend of late ripening spicy red varieties. Deep red with purple hue, this wine has a sweet aroma of ripe mulberry fruit, dried citrus peel and some toffee oak. The palate has more savoury fruit, lightly spiced with some black pepper and star anise notes. There is good length of fruit with some drying tannins to finish.
  • Large front label of Grey Sands 2016 Romanesque Bottle shot of Grey Sands 2016 Romanesque
    A blend of late ripening spicy red varieties. Deepest red, the aroma is slow to release but eventually reveals dark berries, undergrowth and liquorice notes. The palate is tight with josterberry and dried currant fruit with a spine of acidity and grape skin tannins giving a long dry finish. This new release, 2016, is the first of the 'semi secco' blend. Bob had noticed that our Tannat grapes would begin to shrivel on the vine, way before they were fully ripe. After attending a tasting of Speri Amarone wines, he thought partially drying the grapes indoors when they began shrivelling, could add a new dimension to this blend. The colour is much deeper & overall has delivered a much fuller bodied wine, which we will continue with. We'd love your feedback!

Liquor Licensing Act 1990

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