Romanesque 2017 ‘semi secco’

Romanesque 2017 ‘semi secco’


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A blend of late ripening spicy red varieties.

A deep, impenetrable red colour. The aromas from the glass seem savoury but have distinct wild berry and elderberry notes.
The palate is dense with dark fruit and plenty of chalky tannins, without being overly astringent. A wine with much development ahead.
This wine may develop a natural deposit over time.

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The Story of Romanesque

Romanesque is a style of architecture and art that appeared during the ‘Dark Ages’ of Europe, following the fall of the Roman Empire. Although solid and balanced, the style is an attempt to copy (clumsily or otherwise) the great achievements of Rome.

Yes, I (Bob) am the ‘barbarian’ trying to emulate the fine, stylish wines of northern Italy!

Our “Romanesque” is a blend of late red varieties in the style of the aromatic red wines of the Italian Alps. Medium bodied, high acid and tannins with a tight aromatic finish.

The blend began in 2005 with Shiraz, Petit Verdot and Touriga Francesca but we are now introducing Aglianico, Lagrein & semi dried Tannat to the blend.



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