Spring 2018 Newsletter 

Well the labels have arrived and we can now release the 2017 Pinot Blanc and the 2017 Blanc de Noir (a white wine from Pinot Noir grapes). I can’t wait to get some feedback on these very distinctive wines! Our Shiraz Rose will be held back some more months, as it is yet to ‘open up’ and so is behaving more like a red wine. Maybe it should have been under cork rather than Stelvin cap?
Winter delivered our usual heavy rains, focused on July but now it has dried off and it feels like the ‘big dry’ from the north island is heading our way. Without irrigation, we are relying on root systems developed from years of fluctuating rainfall to tide the vines and crop over to harvest.
This last month we have planted some more vines in the field and cuttings into our nursery, to expand our volumes of Pinot Blanc and the varieties that go into our Byzantine and Romanesque blends. It’s been 11 years since we have planted vines on this scale and our bodies have been feeling it!
I had to adapt our spray unit to allow a meagre 1 litre per vine watering as spring rain hasn’t cooperated. It took 7 hours to ‘water’ the 13 rows of newly planted vines & I’ll probably have to repeat the process if we don’t get some rain soon…otherwise all our planting efforts will be wasted!
At least we can water the garden!…. and a spell of warmer weather has brought about an explosion of growth and flowers, so a visit can combine tasting concentrated & intriguing wines and beautiful garden delights.

Remember we are open on the first full weekend of the month up to and including April. We are also opening on 17th November as a Fundraiser for West Tamar Arts Group (entry fee goes to them) and on 24 & 25th November as part of the Tamar Valley Farmgate Festival

Here are my tasting notes for our new whites to pique your interest-
2017 Pinot Blanc
Tasting notes 12.9.18
Mid straw with green highlights, the nose shows lifted lime blossom and honeydew aromas. The palate has dense fruit, hinting at spicy apple pie and greengage plum which leaves a long aromatic finish. This wine may form a natural deposit so stand upright for half an hour before serving & pour the last glass carefully
2017 Blanc de Noir
Tasting notes 12.9.18
A white wine made from Pinot Noir grapes.
Deep straw with glowing apricot hue, the nose has a gentle wild rose and cherry blossom scent. In contrast, the palate has a sweet fruit core, mouth-filling, textural and harmonious, leading to a long dry finish.
Made in the same way as all our white wines: whole bunch pressed to old French oak barrels, indigenous yeast ferment then nine-ten months lees contact before bottling. Pretty simple really!
This wine may form a natural deposit so stand upright for half an hour before serving & pour the last glass carefully.

Rita & I look forward to welcoming you to Grey Sands to try our wines & enjoy the ambience & delights of our garden.

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