Romanesque is a style of architecture and art that appeared during the ‘Dark Ages’ of Europe, following the fall of the Roman Empire. Although solid and balanced, the style is an attempt to copy (clumsily or otherwise) the great achievements of Rome.

Yes, I am the barbarian trying to emulate the fine, stylish wines of northern Italy!

Our “Romanesque” is a blend of late red varieties in the style of the aromatic red wines of the Italian Alps. Medium bodied, high acid and tannins with a tight aromatic finish.

The blend began in 2005 with Shiraz, Petit Verdot and Touriga Francesca but we have now introduced Aglianico to the blend. This is a blend that we can only make in certain years as the varieties are all ‘late ripening’ so they often don’t reach the required ripeness before we get a frost which causes leaf fall which stops further ripening.