Wine Tasting

Come and join us for some wine tasting from some of Tasmania’s most diverse grape varieties – all in a beautiful, unique setting.

Bob has been gardening since he was 3, so he gets bored with the ‘ordinary stuff’. If you’re interested in unusual plants, Grey Sands garden (aka our ‘cellar door’) is a must see.

Bob enjoys nothing more than hunting down unusual plants (be they edible or decorative) and trees – and, as with our vineyard, he likes to experiment and push the boundaries to see just what he can grow here.

Our garden has been planted to have something of interest happening all through the year. If you’ve already been, come at a different time of year to see completely different things.

We’re open from NOON to 5pm on the first FULL weekend of the months from October to April. Other times are by appointment only, or if the signs are out on the roadway.

Call us on 0407 961 167 to book